About Us

Just like most people, I had a desire to transform my body into the best version of me that i could possibly achieve. During this process I came across a few stumbling blocks, what exercises should I be doing? What food should I be eating? one of the biggest questions was what supplements should I be taking? Sound familiar? 

After ten years of training mainly strength and mass, testing an array of fitness products and realising I wanted more. I said to myself if I can make such drastic changes to my own body why not help others? 

Shortly after I made the decision I found myself training and guiding friends so they could too make positive changes. During this pursuit I thought that it would be relevant for me to obtain a qualification which would help me reach the next level. 

I have since been studying in intricate detail about healthy living and personal training for four years, in the hope I can pass on the knowledge to my future clients and anyone who finds value in my teachings. 


Over a decade of training, over a decade of product testing, over a decade of listening to what people want, for me it made 100% sense to give the people exactly what they want...

The Pro Body brand was born! 

Pro Body - Supplements 

Pro Body - Gym Wear 

Pro Body - Training